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  • 5 Signs Your Partner is in it For Physical Relationship, Not Love

    It’s a real world with real truths that often hit us traumatically. Hearts are broken, lies are caught and people are cheated by people who are close.

    You might think your relationship is real only to later discover that your partner was in it for sex and nothing more. Men and women both tend to keep their partners hooked up for fun; cheating is not gender biased. If you feel like you are being used for sex and there is nothing real in the relationship, look for these 5 signs to prove yourself right or, hopefully, wrong.

    1. Uncomfortable With Sharing Emotions:

    Distance on an emotional level with your partner can mean a lot of things but, in this context, it can mean that either they have someone else with whom they are emotionally involved or there is no one, not even you, who they think is close enough to share their emotions with.

    A romantic relationship in which sex is one of the many ways of expressing love does not lack sharing of feelings. But if the relationship is hollow and has nothing but bedroom intimacy then the absence of emotional sharing is not absurd because why would you, for instance, tell the candy seller you are sad when all you want from him is the candy? You will see no point in being personal with them.

    That is how people who are in the relationship for sex think. Get the candy, ignore the candy seller.

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    1. They Have a History of Short-Term Relationships:

    Their inability to keep a relationship going for a long time can be a sign of their dishonesty too. It can be any one of these: They might leave their partners to avoid being the one to take the pain of heartbreak; they do it more often so as to never get too attached to anyone, which can be due to their emotional insecurity; they think it is thrilling.

    Whatever the reason is for which they have had short relationships, it can help you assess your current situation. This sign might not be enough on its own to judge their intentions but it does give you a hint. There is no harm in feeling like maybe they will love you like they have never loved anyone but you surely don’t want to be used for sex and later left with your expectations crushed. If you know their history, use it for your own good. – Continue reading on next page