5 Signs Your Relationship isn’t Worth Saving Anymore

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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How many times in life have you gotten exactly what you have wished for or have struggled for? And how many times have you complained on not getting exactly that? Or fallen into self-pity? Or compromised on your happiness? Or have thought that it's too late to try to be happy again?

Instead of giving a shot at life again, how many times have you accepted your fate and have lived unhappily ever after through it? Some relationships are like that, a whirlwind of emotions, tainted with blind optimism that ultimately leads them to even blinder ends.

For example, you have been together for over a year now and the absence of the same spark,that had once brought you together, is now drifting you apart. Days seem longer. Talks have gotten dull. Sex is still amazing but it's more physical than emotional now. You had gotten off on an edgy start but it was fast and deep with a whirlwind of feelings that had you blinded to all the red flags on the way, and the relationship continued and along with it continued your ignorance and now you have come this far, have struggled to mould yourself and now it seems mandatory to keep stretching the relationship.

You tried to change your partner's views, their habits and ideas about certain issues and only because you have put too much of yourself in the relationship now you don't want to risk ending it. You have lost vision of the fact that it doesn't have to be this way just because it has always been and that you deserve better.

Do not ignore the red signals on the way to your supposedly forever lasting relation, which ultimately makes it is too late to revert. Nothing is worth the compromise of your happiness. Do not give it your all if you know it in yourself that things are ultimately going to tumble down into the heap of a not-so-worth-it-relationship.

Dragging on an unworthy relationship will end up with you having been influenced by a lot of negativity and it will alter your way of the world and of yourself, in a not so friendly manner.

5 of the major red flags and alarms to look out for in a relationship that prove it unworthy are:

  1. The not-so-nice change in the initial emotional connection:

In an unreliable relationship, there is always this point to look out for where you realize that in all the time that you were together, you never really had an actual emotional connection, rather it was just momentary attraction or the heat of the moment that was doing all the past magic.

In every long lasting and worthy-of-keeping relationship, there is this definite moment of surety where you realize that this is a keeper and that is what solidifies the fort of the relationship.

For some of you, it can be a little distance or a rough patch where you open yourself to embrace the fact that the other person is truly and actually madly in love with you and is ready to cross any physical or emotional barrier for you. This moment of clarity is the reality of every strong relationship and even if after a long wait, desperate efforts and pleas, it does not happen to you, then you should know that it is a walk-away-from-the-relationship sign. *Continue reading on next page*