5 Signs You're In A Good Relationship

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Jess C. Scott once said, “When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.” It means if you really think that you're in a good relationship then you should feel secure and comfortable, you should consider yourself a very lucky person. Below are the five signs that will tell you if you're in a good relationship or not. If you can find these signs in your relationships then trust me you're in a pretty good relationship.

5. "Your partner helps you grow or evolve as a person".

A very good sign of a great relationship, is noticing how much your partner has helped you evolve into someone better. When you feel like you are with the right person, they will have you stepping out of your comfort zone accomplishing things you never thought you could. Maybe they will inspire you to live a much healthier lifestyle. Maybe they will encourage you with returning back to school. Maybe they will be patient enough to help you work through and heal from old relationship wounds that you never got over. A good relationship will help you feel better about who you are and who you can grow to be. - Continue reading on next page