5 Signs You've Finally Realised Your Worth

A Posted 2 years ago
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Most people in relationships spend all their time and energy on their partner, their family and their relationship. In the end, there's very little left for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is essential that you do think of your partner first and put your relationship as your highest priority but I also believe in the importance of self worth.

Often in relationships, we let go of ourselves completely. We adapt and change so much that we forget our true identity and when that relationship is over, we are left thinking how were we before this relationship.
In our lives, after a few experiences, we finally realise how much exactly we should change or the things we should do to keep the relationship healthy. A balance needs to happen when it comes down to you and your partner, you both should try and do things equally for each other and themselves otherwise there will always be one person unhappy and the other expecting a little too much.

Once you realise this, here are a few things that will change in you.


You have changed yourself for far too long and too much. You finally realise that if someone has to love you and be with you, they need to love you for the way they are because only then do they love you truly, with your flaws and with your qualities.

Also, you have finally made peace with who you are, we often over-analyse and over-criticise ourselves and that’s why when our partners expect us to change bit by bit, we agree and do it. Now, that we realise that we were born to be made this way, we start to value ourselves and once you get that feeling, trust me, you’ll be content every passing day of your life. - Continue reading on next page