Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your ‘Love Language’

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Our behavior, on the whole, defines who we are in the many aspects of life. Different people with different personalities have different approaches to move along in a relationship, and that highlights their individual behavior.

The individual behavior, then, decides their identity as a lover. Behavior is a wide term which includes the many ways a person uses to act, react and judge. Behavior, in fact, is so wide a term it differentiates one human being from another and gives us ground to choose for ourselves. Your behavior also greatly defines the kind of person you are, both as an individual and a lover. It tells people how you choose to express your feelings and act in accordance with them.

Being a girl, the following ways of loving people may be helpful in telling you the kind of girlfriend that you are.

  1. When You Talk, You Mean It:

In relationships, we often have the invisible burden of keeping the other person happy. If you are a stressful person, you might also get stressed about not being expressive enough. We can often see our partner’s thirst for hearing compliments and to deal with it, we end up sugar-coating every little compliment.

Exaggeration becomes a vital part of our speech just for the pleasure of our loved one. On our part, we are not wrong in wanting to see them smile and blush, but we are wrong at a more realistic part of our relationship. sugar-coating things never helps. When you talk, you have to mean everything you say.

If you do so, you are the truest, most honest girlfriend on the planet Earth. If it is not coming from your heart, don’t push it. But if, every time you flatter, it comes from the heart then you ought to be proud of it. It is a trait that makes you an expressive and honest lover which is a rare thing.

When you shower compliments on your partner, you are not afraid to be corny at all, because you know it is all true coming from your heart. You reassure them how you feel about them by staying the truest version of yourself while talking. Your kind statements show love, not lust, and soften his heart no matter how bad a mood he is in. Authenticity and meaning lace your remarks as you truly feel what you say. - Continue reading on next page