5 Steps to Stop Being a Controlling Girlfriend

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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You might’ve heard phrases such as “you’re too controlling all the time” or “give me some space, will ya?”, and this goes to all the women out there who agree they’re too controlling towards their guy.

So he has had a long weekend and his best friend invites him to a football match and a bear later. Now you know this is his only best friend. Nonetheless, the controlling factor wakes up inside you and you get this strong urge to do all in your power – and possibly beyond – to make your guy stay home with you instead.

What does he tell you? “Stop being so controlling,” what else. This is exactly the kind of behavior you need to get rid of. It isn’t good for you or the relationship. You should fight the wars without weapons, in case of relationships. There’s nothing wrong with having a distinctive sense of how things should be, but then again you should remember – you cannot control everything, come what may.

Here are some basic traits you can adopt to become less controlling of a girlfriend and an open-minded, upbeat and more lovable one instead.

  1. Don’t give in to paranoia

Each time your boyfriend gets a text or an email or an invitation to a party and so forth…do you think it would be reasonable to assume all of that’s coming from another woman? Will you check all his texts and emails searching for something that’s not even there?

That sort of paranoia needs to be controlled by simply trusting your gut. You are with this guy whom you know inside out. Somewhere in the back of your head, you know he isn’t one to cheat on you. Listen to that gut feeling instead of acting on paranoid feelings. There’s no use forming decisions feelings on temporary feelings anyway. - Continue reading on next page