5 things couples in long-distance relationships are sick of hearing

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Everyone has this perception of how absolutely impossible long-distance relationships can be. All of us can talk about the usual problems that will come with it (whether we’ve experienced it ourselves or not) - the pain of missing your partner all the time, all the travel expenses just to see your significant other once, the pending decision of what the future will hold, and much more.

But let me tell you one of the biggest problems that accompany a long-distance relationship, one that not many have actually addressed: all the unwanted advice and statements from the people around you! Somehow, the minute you tell a person about your long distance relationship, they instantly feel the right to comment and give their unfiltered opinion on something they know absolutely nothing about.

Here are 5 things all couples in long-distance relationships are sick of hearing:

  1. “You know, distance is really hard.”

Really? You don’t say? I actually didn’t notice that at all until the minute you said it. And since we’re telling each other things that we probably weren’t aware of till now, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the sky is blue!

  1. “I was in a long-distance relationship once”

Okay, I won’t start immediately ranting out on this one. I agree that some people who say this actually have been in a long-distance relationship and are trying to start a meaningful conversation where we can exchange our experiences and actually have an opportunity to learn a thing or two. - Continue reading on next page