5 things that only TRUE LOVE can teach you

A Posted 2 years ago
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We often treat true love as only finding an ideal partner in love. Someone you can plan your day to day plans with or maybe have a romantic vacation with. True love is not doing the same things together. You can actually do these with your best friend or your roommate for that matter, true love is much more. True love is more about growing as a person with someone. It is about rediscovering yourself and your partner helping you with it. Same goes for you, what I mean to say is, true love is about bringing out the good in each other.

Partners act like a catalyst of change in your life. Influence of your partner is inevitable in your life, your opinions start to match even though you don’t notice it and deny it every chance you get but a popular study proves that couples start to think alike. Living together and spending most of your time together makes you experience the same things and the support you get from each other reinforces the way you think. Thus, it is more than important, it is essential to have the right kind of influence in your life.

Ever heard of the phrase ,’ you bring the best in me’. Well, it stands true. True love is all about making you and them a better person, together.

Here are the things that I learned when I found true love.


You will realise, once you are in love, that you have never been this happy. When it’s just infatuation and not true love, you do feel happy but only initially, soon that happiness wears off and you are stuck there thinking what is wrong with the two of you. Let me tell you, true love is all of that happiness FOREVER. You are just happier and everything seems perfect.