5 Things to ask yourself before asking someone out

A Posted 3 years ago
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It is such an amazing feeling that you get when you look at someone, and you find yourself imagining a future with them. I’m not asking you to ignore that feeling; acknowledge it by all means. But before you impulsively act on it; just pause and think, as you might either end up with that beautiful picture you painted or a hasty disaster. Everyone hopes for the former, but there’s an equal chance of the latter happening as well. So it is always a good idea to consider a few things rather than blindly rushing into even asking them out.

  1. Is it merely a passing infatuation?

Just because you are helplessly attracted to them doesn’t guarantee you a potential future with them. There is a pretty good chance that it turns out to be just a fleeting fascination, which inevitably fades away over time. And how exactly do you judge that? Well in all honesty, your better judgment betrays you in such situations, yet you need to figure it out. Think about what draws you to them; if the only thing that you come up with is the way that they look, then maybe you need to reconsider your plans for them. Don’t give up on them entirely; get to know them a little better, in a non-dating scenario of course; because there is no such thing as trial-dating. Always choose someone you can actually have a future with, pursuing someone to no end is neither fair to you nor to the next person.