5 Things To Remember When You Feel Broken Inside

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Seek help, we all need it and there's no shame in asking for it.

Life doesn’t go easy on anyone. We all have days, weeks or even months sometimes when nothing seems to go right, when all our plans and all our efforts towards those plans get completely destroyed and when hopelessness is the only thing we feel. At times like these, it’s important to remember that these hardships are only here to make us stronger and for us to continue to have faith that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you save this article somewhere and if you ever feel disheartened or discouraged, these 11 quotes and the advice that follows will help you get through the day:

  1. We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are. – Calvin & Hobbes
  2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, a lifestyle or a job. If it doesn’t make you happy, let it go.
  3. Stop wishing your life was different and live the one you have, because it’s the only one you have got.
  4. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein
  5. Go 24 hours without complaining. Not even once…then watch how your life starts changing.
  6. Don’t be in such a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you.
  7. Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.
  8. The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. – Robert Tew
  9. Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.
  10. Be patient. Some things take time.
  11. Remember the time you thought you could never survive? You did, and you can do it again.

And now, some tips from our own experience that might help you live a happier life:

  1. Build your own happiness

If you ever feel bored or sad or if you just can’t seem to figure out the meaning of your life, then stop waiting! Stop waiting to magically get a new job offer. Stop waiting for your friends to call and invite you over. And stop waiting for your life to turn over without any effort.

This is your life and only you can control how happy or sad it turns out to be.

Don’t just wait for your situation to get fixed, go out and look for the things that make you happy, focus your energies on the people you love and always be open to new experiences.

  1. Clear your mind

You have a lot of work. There are deadlines to meet and people who you’re accountable to. But amidst all the stress and work, don’t forget to relax and give your mind some time off. Don’t over work yourself, make a conscious effort to have some free time and get rid of all your anxiety. *Continue reading to next page*

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