5 Things You Need To Know If Your Partner Has Anxiety

A Posted 10 months ago
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Just because a person is dealing with anxiety doesn’t mean that their feelings or love for you aren’t real. Anxiety is such a dark aspect of their lives, and so their love for you can be that one shining light that allows them to navigate through life. Don’t ever think that a person’s feelings are illegitimate just because they are suffering from anxiety.

It is an unfortunate truth that a lot of people in the world are forced to bear the struggles of anxiety disorders. Millions of people are harassed by the ugly face of anxiety every day; the kind of anxiety that forces them to continually reexamine their decisions and their personalities. Anxiety has the power to stall a person and make one feel trapped and secluded. Anxiety is able to isolate someone from the rest of the world and can leave him or her feeling disabled. Anxiety is a crippling ordeal and it must be dealt with in a constructive and healthy manner. Otherwise, when ignored or treated badly, anxiety can destroy the lives of many people.

It is no secret that a lot of people who experience anxiety will often feel maligned, misunderstood, and isolated. They think that this disorder has deprived them of the quality of life that is afforded to so many other people. That’s why if you happen to be dating someone who is suffering from severe anxiety, you always have to approach the situation with utmost care. For your own sake, and the sake of your partner, you need to have lots of patience, understanding, and empathy.

While it can be a struggle to deal with the pressures of anxiety, it is not an impossible mountain to climb. You have to be wary of a few things when you know that your partner is dealing with this serious mental disorder. Here are some basic pieces of information and knowledge to help improve your understanding of the disease, and how you can beat it:

1. People who suffer from anxiety are affected mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Anxiety is a mental disease. It can affect the dynamics of the brain and a person’s entire nervous system. There are significant chemical imbalances that occur in the brain during anxiety attacks. These chemical imbalances can cause a lot of irregular bodily functions as well. For instance, people who are experiencing anxiety attacks have increased perspiration, stiff muscles, headaches, and more. This stressful ordeal can also leave people very emotionally drained. The amount of havoc anxiety can wreak on a body knows no bounds or limits. When caring with a partner who has to deal with anxiety on a consistent basis, you have to be able to heal them mentally, emotionally, and physically by being more aware of what they’re feeling.

2. Anxiety can lead to depression. Watch out for warning signs of depression so it can be treated early on.

Depression has taken so many lives throughout the course of history. It can be the single most devastating mental disorder that any human being is forced to deal with. Depression plays tricks on a human’s mind and makes him or her believe that life is no longer bright, sunny, happy, or worth fighting for. If your partner happens to be dealing with both anxiety and depression, you have to make sure that he or she gets the professional help needed to combat these terrible sicknesses. Mental health is a sickness and no one should ever be ashamed of getting proper treatment for them. - Continue reading on the next page