5 Ugly Truths about ‘Almost’ Relationships

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Everything that is ever an ‘almost’ in life is never really quite enough. Unlike certain things, an ‘almost’ is never black and white and is rather a mesh of greys with undefined lines. The fear of commitment seen growing in people these days is one of the reasons why people like it grey. More and more people these days seem to be okay with unlabelled hit offs rather than full commitment and accountability. This is exactly why ‘almost’ relationships seem to come into the picture more often than they did before.

Such a relationship is neither a commitment nor a free hand and is instead just the possibility of an actual relationship.

The rules in such scenarios keep changing as you go along but the ‘maybe-or-may-be-not’ part remains constant. So the question now is, if it is worth it for you to wait for it to turn into something mreore? Or just move on? To help you get rid of this enigma below are mentioned are some of the major drawbacks of an ‘almost’ relationship. Check them out to see if you are ‘actually’ ready for it.


Your hopes swing back and forth like a pendulum. Your life becomes the equivalent of Newton’s cradle in motion; neither here nor there. You talk to your ‘almost’ partner from time to time about getting together and he/she talks back but none of you ever ‘really’ do. Either because both of you are too scared to take the first step or because one of you is on the fence and wants to stay there.

The plans you make about getting together, having fun and doing things that you mutually like are mostly just plans. Even though it is not taking you anywhere you still keep up the communication going “just in case,” but, nothing ever happens. It’s like the cat got your tongue but you’re almost glad that it did. - Continue reading on next page