5 unreasonable demands women tend to make in a relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Empathizing is not an easy task. And not many people have this trait, especially not when they’re in a relationship. When you have a fight, you’ll always feel like you’re the victim.

When it’s just the beginning, you’ll expect the other person to create all the romance and build your interest instead of doing the same for them. When you’ve been together a long time and things are starting to fall apart, you’ll focus more on what your partner did wrong than correcting your own mistakes. Often, we ladies can be a bit unreasonable.

Here are 6 unreasonable demands every woman has probably made from their partner at one time or the other:

  1. Demanding to be equal in all aspects but still expecting him to pay for everything

Most women these days preach complete equality. They talk about how independent they are. They talk about how they don’t need a man to take care of their physical, financial or emotional needs. They talk about how they are capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with every man they meet.

But when you’re at a date and the man takes out his wallet to pay for the bill, you won’t really mind or try to question it. You won’t even consider it unusual or unfair on the guy. Why? Just because it’s been considered the norm, for as long as you can remember. Just because it’s been engrained in our minds through all the movies we watched and the couples we saw before us.

I used to be the same way when I started dating. I accepted all the expensive gifts my boyfriend gave me and didn’t ever stop him from paying the entire bill by himself when we went out. This was all until the day he had the guiltiest expression on his face because he had run out of money and he had to tell me we would be staying in one night.

That’s the day I realized how selfish I had been, how much I had burdened him with this unquestioned expectation. I realized then how being independent didn’t just mean in my thoughts and my words, but in my actions too.

  1. Expecting him to want to do things

When you know that he’s doing something only out of obligation to you such as going to a party with your friends where he isn’t exactly comfortable or watching a chick flick that you insisted on, you won’t just be happy with him doing it. You’ll want to remove the guilt you feel by making him admit that those things were actually his own desires, that he actually likes all the things you expect him to do.

Even if he’s not complaining while doing them or showing any sort of obvious disinterest, you’ll want a confirmation that these things are bringing him actual happiness. And you’ll look out for the slightest crease on his head or a single yawn to start fighting and arguing that he’s trying to make you feel bad. *continue reading to next page*