5 ways guys in serious relationships are different than those who aren’t

A Posted 2 years ago
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Let’s get real; not everyone finds young love. Despite what they show in movies and TV shows, it’s improbable that two immature, young adults will find true love and learn to preserve it forever, not all guys can be Shane West from A Walk to Remember.

It takes a certain level of maturity for us guys to be able to maintain a healthy, respectful relationship with someone who we’re actually attracted to on a personal level and needless to say, most of us don’t know the first thing about commitment as adolescents. But as we mature, our view of women changes a lot and here are five ways that guys change as they get serious about someone.

1. We understand that sharing a lifestyle is as (if not more) important than sharing interests.

We’ve all had that one person we seemed to be attracted to because they liked the same things we liked- a girl you’d have never thought about romantically, told you she loves Manchester United, just like you, and suddenly you were certain that she was the one. It seemed all too simple to base who to date on what band they listen to or how much they love a certain food.

“You love pasta and Pink Floyd? I do too! Let’s date.”

But as we enter a serious relationship, we realize that we can’t base our relationships on personal preferences and how much they match. Sure, it’s nice to sometimes talk to a girl and learn that she loves Breaking Bad just as much as we do but that’s not the same thing as meeting a girl and finding out that she has the same religious values and perspective on society as we do.