5 Ways To Make Long distance Relationships Work

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Long-distance relationships, please stand up!

I’ve always believed that four walls do not make up a home. I’ve always found homes in people. There is always someone out there who, despite everything and whatever the circumstances might be, accepts you back into their life and shelters you from the atrocities of this harsh life and self-inflicted mistakes. I call that person, my home. But what if your home lives in another town or country? A person without a home feels lost and neglected.

Long distance relationships are hard. Every human craves attention and with the advancement of technology, there are several things that have tried to limit that distance, but we humans are sentient beings. We need someone to caress our foreheads and make us feel wanted by giving us a warm hug.

Despite all that, if the person is worth it, if that person really means the world to you, then you need to struggle for them. Here are some ways you can make that struggle less painful.

1. Make your partner feel wanted

    The human head is a terrifying mess. Sometimes, we’re just having a cup of coffee and out of nowhere a thought pops up in our head and ruins the whole day. In a long distance relationship, you are never really sure what the partner is actually going through. You have to clear up your head and eradicate all sorts of assumptions and uncertainties from your head. You need to make your partner feel wanted.

    Tell them that you can’t wait for them to get back and you look forward to meeting up in the future and how you are excited to see their magical smile that can light up the world. Never hold yourself from expressing what you feel. A dearth of communication can kill your relationship.

    2. More trust and Limited judgments

      Envy is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

      People in long distance relationships tend to get jealous very easily. Even if you’re interacting with a person who you have no interest in, your partner will start thinking and wander off to unfamiliar lands inside their brain.

      Your partner will start asking questions and this will create a breach of trust in your relationship. In love, always trust more and don’t be hasty in reaching to conclusions without being sure. 

      3. Do things together

        Everyone has their interests. Who doesn’t like music? Just set up a Skype call and sing songs or listen to them together. Some girlfriends are really cool. Do you love online gaming? Are you into Counter Strike or any other similar game? Well, you can play with your boyfriend and trust me, he will love it. Are you a guy who’s into some girly stuff? Well, if you are not, you have to make some interest to be a part of her life. You could open up a bog together or any similar thing.

        The most important thing is to create memories because at the end of the day, all we have are our memories. Memories strengthen every bond and they have the power to resurrect every relationship. Yeah sure, they are destructive as well but everything has a dark side. - Continue reading on the next page