5 ways to “safely” talk about past relationships

A Posted 3 years ago
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Not all of us have the first and only thing going on for us. Most of us have been in more than one relationship. While every time we get into a relationship, we’re inevitably hoping that this one would last unlike the others. Sometimes it does, and at other times it doesn’t. Regardless of who breaks up with whom, both people get hurt. We all deal with heart break differently, and there is no standard for how long it takes to get over someone. Although once you do, you might eventually find someone to risk getting hurt all over again.

Getting into a new relationship following a break up is never easy. But even if you decide to do so, the constant fear of things not working out keeps eating you up inside. You don’t want to make the same mistakes like you did the last time. And you don’t want to follow the same pattern. But how do you explain your fears to your partner? Talking about the past is not everyone’s cup of tea. But maybe if you knew how to approach this sensitive subject, you might be able to talk about it, without damaging your present relationship.

  1. Timing matters most

As with everything else, timing is crucial when it comes to talking about exes. You obviously can’t be talking about your ex on a first date. It’d set off an alarm. They might think that you’re still not over your ex and that would have them running in the opposite direction.

This does not mean that you can’t tell them that you’ve had relationships in the past. This is something that they should know about even before you start dating.

When you’re at a point in your relationship, where you’re comfortable talking about various things and you feel like you’ve gained each other’s trust, this is the time you could actually tell them about your previous relationships. Even then, talk very carefully, and give only the necessary details. You say too much and the insecurities sprout.