5 Words You Need to Remember to Make Your Relationship Work

A Posted a year ago
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These five little words can make everything so much better!

At first glance, it may be foolish to reduce the key to successful relationships into just 5 simple words. I’d be inclined to agree with you, but trust me, if you just remember these 5 simple words, you’re greatly improving your chances of being in a happy relationship. There is no surefire way to guarantee the success of any relationship. There are just too many variables at play. Also, each relationship will carry with it distinguishing qualities that make them unique. Not all relationships are created equal. However, there are common trends and values that we can find in successful relationships and that we should try to emulate.

There are no perfect relationships. But we simply cannot deny that there are happy and healthy relationships all around us. We should look to these relationships and study them, and see what good practices they have which we can apply to our own relationships. If you don’t have the patience nor time to conduct these observations, you don’t have to worry. I’ve already done it for you. Here are the 5 words that you need to remember to make your relationship work:

1. Live

You have allow each other to live individual and shared lives. Understand that you are both still individual human beings who just happen to be in a relationship. You still have your personal goals and aspirations for yourselves. When you develop that understanding, maybe then you can evolve into something greater. You can start building and living your lives as a couple. When you find that your personal and individual goals start coinciding with your relationship goals, then you’ll see that your relationship will start becoming easier. You’re developing so much more as a couple because you’ve managed to somehow blur the lines between the individual and the couple. You are the living embodiment of the cliché: “two souls become one.”

2. Laugh

You should be having fun. Laugh as often as you can. You should always to effortlessly find joy in each other’s company. Am I saying that there should be no room for sadness? Should there be no rough patches? No, of course not. Every relationship will go through trials. However, despite the harsh realities of the world, you should be able to be each other’s source of joy. Your relationship should serve as enough fuel for you to face the world everyday with courage and a huge smile plastered on your face. Make your mistakes together. Go on adventures together. Make the world see how great you are together. Find ways to always make each other laugh. Be the brightness in the darkness of each other’s lives. The best kinds of couples are able to weather any storm together because they always manage to keep a positive outlook despite the troubles. - Continue reading on the next page