50 Little things that mean the world to her

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
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She doesn't want you to have a big bank statement, a nice car or a super-luxurious house, she wants these little things!

Here are 50 little things that actually mean the world to her:

  1. Getting to know how her day went
  2. Letting her know how absolutely beautiful you think she is
  3. Sending her a heart-felt good morning text as soon as you wake up
  4. Walking in public with her hand in yours
  5. Giving her you Facebook password/saving her finger-print in your phone just to let her know she can trust you
  6. Staying up really late even on week days, just so you can talk to her for an extra hour
  7. Carrying her bags for her
  8. Giving her compliments on things she has assumed you will never notice, such as her new lipstick or the top she recently bought.
  9. Setting the table or doing the dishes, even when it’s her turn
  10. Asking for her advice before taking decisions that will have a direct or indirect effect on her
  11. Telling her how a book, a movie, or a song always reminds you of her
  12. Playing the music she likes when she’s in the car with you (and sending her Snapchats of those songs when she’s not)
  13. Making her a personalized card instead of just buying one from the gift shop
  14. Kissing her on the forehead
  15. Planning a romantic dinner date every once in a while just to make her feel special
  16. Smelling her hair
  17. Making breakfast in bed for her
  18. Looking deep into her eyes while making love
  19. Giving her your jacket when she’s cold and your tee-shirts as night-suits
  20. Never forgetting her mother’s birthday
  21. Surprising her with her favorite ice cream when you know she’s having a hard day
  22. Making plans to meet her friends
  23. Reciprocating when she goes down on you
  24. Always remembering what flavor pizza she eats and what the name of her favorite makeup brand is.
  25. Letting her know how stunning she looks as soon as she wakes up in the morning
  26. Hugging her to sleep
  27. Putting on the perfume you know she really loves whenever you’re together
  28. Collecting the ticket stumps from all the movies you have seen with her
  29. Noticing her new haircut
  30. And always noticing the new and different hairstyles she makes, the ones you’ve never seen before
  31. Listening to her talk passionately for hours about a show you’ve never even seen
  32. Making space in a cupboard in your room, so she can place her stuff there
  33. A simple “I love you” before you leave for work
  34. Standing up for her in front of everyone when she’s around and even when she’s not
  35. Giving her invitations to dinners or gatherings with your family
  36. Putting up pictures with her on your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat
  37. Choosing a book, song, or movie you know she’ll enjoy, and never getting it wrong
  38. Giving her an apology, even when you REALLY don’t want to
  39. Offering to help her with her work
  40. Letting her fall asleep on you
  41. Talking about her with pride with everyone around you
  42. Making sure she wears the seatbelt before starting the car
  43. Letting her know all about you day, right down to the last detail.
  44. Bringing toys for her pet
  45. Watching every single season of a show you hate, just because you know she loves it
  46. Unconsciously pulling her closer to you in the middle of the night, when you’re in deep sleep
  47. Allowing her to take all the good pillows and to steal most part of the blanket
  48. Always sharing your food with her
  49. When you suddenly hug her from behind
  50. Making it very clear how desperately you want to spend the rest of your life with her

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