6 Common mistakes that end relationships

A Posted 3 years ago
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We see it happen all the time, even the strongest and longest of relationships fail and fall apart completely. It happens with the strongest of people, because nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. This is going to be both personal and general, because I am going to mention a few instances on how one of these things affected my relationship.
These are going to be the six most common mistakes that end even the strongest of relationships. Let's begin.

1. Thinking your relationship is the source of all your happiness

Some people get so deeply involved in their relationships that they start seeing it as their one and only source of happiness in the world. That burden is an impossible one to bare for any person regardless of how much they love you, no one should be seen as the source of all your happiness because no one will ever be able to live up to that level of expectation no matter the amount of love they have for you. Always remember to find happiness in yourself before you go looking for happiness in others. Be happy with who you are, with the life you live, with the obstacles you've tackled and bring out the happiness from all of these elements, then you can SHARE that happiness with your partner for a very long lasting and healthy relationship.

2. Thinking that broken trust can't be brought back again

When someone breaks your trust, it hurts, it hurts more than we know to handle, but it happens and we all go through it. But the key here is to remember how much you love the person, if you love them enough then you need to have faith in the trust you can remake with your partner. It's not going to be an easy task, every next day your mind will tell you to stop working so hard on what can't be fixed, but slowly and gradually the trust you two once made will come back, maybe not in the stainless form it once was in, but in a fixed state that can be groomed and made stronger than ever. So never lose the faith so easily.

3. Thinking that relationships should be easy

Relationships aren't easy, they are the hardest to maintain and stabilize for a long period of time. When you want to love someone, be prepared for the world you're entering, because it's not an easy one in any sense of the word. Easy relationships end as quickly and as easily as they start off. Real and pure relationships will have a LOT of ups and downs, maybe more downs than ups. True relationships also require a lot of sacrifice and change, change you might not like, so be prepared to change something about yourself when the time comes. Know that relationships are the most beautiful things in the world, likewise they're also not a walk in the park. - Continue reading on the next page