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  • 6 Common mistakes that end relationships

    We see it happen all the time, even the strongest and longest of relationships fail and fall apart completely. It happens with the strongest of people, because nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. This is going to be both personal and general, because I am going to mention a few instances on how one of these things affected my relationship. These are going to be the six most common mistakes that end even the strongest of relationships. Let’s begin.

    6. Thinking your relationship is the source of all your happiness

    Some people get so deeply involved in their relationships that they start seeing it as their one and only source of happiness in the world. That burden is an impossible one to bare for any person regardless of how much they love you, no one should be seen as the source of all your happiness because no one will ever be able to live up to that level of expectation no matter the amount of love they have for you. Always remember to find happiness in yourself before you go looking for happiness in others. Be happy with who you are, with the life you live, with the obstacles you’ve tackled and bring out the happiness from all of these elements, then you can SHARE that happiness with your partner for a very long lasting and healthy relationship.