6 Differences between a childish and an adult relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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When we were 13, in an imaginary relationship with our crush, we thought that was mature. When we started dating at 15, we thought - "Whoa! This is the real deal". At 17, our first kiss, we feel like we got married to someone! At 20, we think we are in love and we will be that young couple that is the first one to get married in their circle. At 23, a real heartbreak and we think love doesn’t exist!

Eventually at 26, we realise, relationships aren’t a joke. They hold greater meaning to them and that’s when we realise the difference between a proper adult relationship and a childish one. Now, I know I might have defined these state of mind through different ages but really, what I mentioned at age 20 could be happening at an earlier age or what I mentioned at the age of 23 could be happening to you at the age of 30!

My point is that it doesn’t matter what your age is, what matters is how well your mind and feelings have developed. Have they developed enough to understand the true meaning of love and partnership? If they have, you will genuinely understand these differences between a childish and an adult relationship.

1. Childish relationships focus on the past, Adult ones focus on Now and the future

Small things like someone’s past will never be the point of disruption in an adult relationship unless it is affecting their present or future. They will not bring about and remind you of your past every time you both end up in a fight.