6 important roles the two of you need to play in your relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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When we get into a relationship, we take on a lot of roles; voluntarily or involuntarily but we do. Usually these roles come naturally without us even knowing about them, but they do take over. Relationships aren't a walk in the park, they take a lot of hard work from both sides. These are some of the most important roles the two of you need to play in your relationship. There's a lot of responsibility here and we need to take those responsibilities, regardless of how much effort they require. Let's begin.

1. Each other's Guardians

When we are in love with someone, we protect them with everything we've got. We can't see them in pain and we tend to keep them safe; away from all the trouble in the world with all of our strength. We can't see them cry, we can't see them sad. And when someone tries doing anything against them, we stop them with all of our might. That's a given and we naturally protect our partners in any way we can, because that's how you define love. - Continue reading on next the page