6 Mistakes that can badly damage a relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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One mistake can change everything. Sometimes apologies just don’t cut it and some things cannot be fixed, no matter what you do. Such is the frailty of relationships. You may be willing to overlook a million things, but at the same time that one little mistake just might be the end of things.

Relationships don’t come with a guarantee to last. Its how much work you put into it that determines the relationship’s fate. Of course there are going to be a few slips every now and then, but some of these mistakes are avoidable.

Let’s look at the most frequent mistakes made in relationships. Try steering clear of them;

  1. Failing to keep your tempers in check

When we’re being excessively ‘expressive’ with our opinions and feelings with this person; we become completely oblivious to their feelings. We think it’s justified to be hurtful (intentionally or unintentionally), just because you’re supposed to share everything with them. Even if you have to be honest with each other, don’t be cruel. This is someone you love, don’t ever forget that. If either of you is getting worked up, take a break and get back to it later. Don’t make it a habit to lash out on each other, it gives way to resentment.

  1. Allowing communication gaps to create problems

People often tend to forget the importance of communication in a relationship. How else do you share anything at all with each other? Never stop communicating with each other, especially when things get tough. The silent treatment is never a good idea; it may actually worsen the situation.

Communication allows you to stay connected to each other. You can share your feelings, your fears, your dreams and what not. This is how you learn about and understand each other. Inadequate communication creates distance and misunderstandings that could easily be avoided.