6 questions to ask yourself during tough times

A Posted 3 years ago
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No one lives a stress-free life, no matter how amazing or normal their lifestyle is. You may find yourself stuck in certain traumatic situations when you want everything to just stop, you start finding a "pause" button to life. The best way is to think and solve. This article focuses on six questions that you can ask yourself when you're going through tough times.

6. Did I Give It My All?

The toughest question you can ask yourself befalls on your own actions and it's the toughest question to ask yourself. You need to think about things and ask yourself if you've given it your best, if you've put the best of your efforts and if you've done all you could. We are critical people, we judge others before we even take a look in the mirror to judge ourselves, we are often the cause of a lot of problems and we don't even know it. Life is as easy as you want it to be and as impossible as you can make it for yourself. You may find your relationship struggling and you may think it's the other person's fault when it actually is you who's to blame. It's nothing to be shamed of, I blame myself for things that I do wrong all the time, it's only human to make mistakes and it's divine to know and not make them again.