6 Reasons men leave the women they love

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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This is why men leave.

Falling in love is easy. But what takes real courage, strength and determination is actually staying in love, through the ups and downs, through the good times and the bad, through the happiness and the pain! And not all men are equipped to display all these qualities. He may have fallen hopelessly in love with you.

He may have promised you the world and more. He may have told you he’ll be yours forever. And even after all that, he may still end up leaving you. If you’ve been left utterly confused and shocked by a man like this, read ahead to understand 6 reasons why a man might leave the woman he loves:

1. He keeps feeling like she’s trying to fix him

    When you make a guy feel like he’s just not enough, like his flaws and imperfections are something you can never embrace, and like he can never be himself without any judgment or complaints, he will end up looking for the exit door.

    Women often emasculate their man by turning him into their personal projects, and by hoping to change him into the kind of man they require and not the man he actually wants to be.

    “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”- Albert Einstein 

    2. He feels threatened by the woman’s success

      The University of Florida conducted a study on this theory, in which it was concluded that men experience an enormous blow to their self-esteem and confidence when their female partners experience success, even in a situation where there is no direct competition between them.

      A woman’s success can also end up negatively impacting the way a man views the future of their relationship. If a man is unable to achieve the kind of success he thinks he deserves, this can be a pivotal reason for him to break up with his partner.

      He can’t join in his partner’s success because he keeps comparing his own failures.

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      3. She keeps nagging him all the time

        We all know how most men have mastered the art of zoning out a woman’s voice. But at one point or the other, the constant belittling and nagging can eventually get to them and take a toll on their relationship.

        Men might play like children, but they are definitely not kids. They won’t tolerate the constant complaining and whining. They might temporarily agree to what you keep asking, but after a while, they’ll just start to ignore it.

        And they’ll generalize your complaints and rants as the sole cause of every problem you two have. Just remember ladies- for a man, the least sexy creature on this planet is a woman who nags. - Continue reading on the next page

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