6 Reasons Why Fighting With Each Other Could Be Good For Your Relationship

A Posted a year ago
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Every "successful relationship" needs to undergo trials of disagreement in order to survive.

It’s common knowledge by now that relationships aren’t the Disney-brand of perfection that’s portrayed in the movies. There are a lot of nitty-gritties in relationships that are going on behind the scenes. Underneath all the glamor of love and passion, there are ugly arguments and conflicts.

Every couple goes through the trials of disagreement. Arguments are perfectly normal facets of any relationship. They shouldn’t necessarily be causes for worry. In fact, arguments have their positive places in any relationship. Some could even make the case that every successful relationship needs to undergo trials of disagreement in order to survive.

Here are a few simple reasons as to why fighting with each other could be good for your relationship:

1. Arguments Mean That You’re Comfortable with Being Honest with Each Other Even If It Means You’ll End up Fighting for It

Honesty is an absolutely vital part of any relationship. A relationship built on lies is one that will not last. When you’re in a loving and nurturing relationship, you should practically be open books to each other. You can’t afford to break each other’s trust by engaging in practices of dishonesty. This is why arguments aren’t necessarily a bad thing. A lot of times, arguments arise out of a result of honesty.

You don’t want to lie each other even if it means you’re trying to spare each other from getting hurt, and so you tell the truth. And the truth can hurt. Any emotional pain instigated by a harsh truth can the spark to a legitimate argument but you don’t need to worry. If your relationship is strong enough to maintain high levels of honesty, then it is also strong enough to weather the storms of an argument. - Continue reading on the next page