6 Reasons Why Online Relationship Can Be a Terrible Experience

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Online dating can be a very scary place.

We do not intend to imply that couples who found each other online are not real; people do meet online and find better partners than they would ever have in real life, but the increasing online-dating culture is idealistic.

There is no harm in connecting with people on the internet but especially looking for someone to date is not a very cool idea, as common as it has become. It is, indeed, convenient and saves a lot of trouble of actually going out and socializing but it is not the best idea, certainly not because everyone is doing it.

Here are 6 reasons why we think online-dating can be terrible.

  1. Potential Liars:

Let’s face it; more than half of the profiles on dating sites or other socializing sites are either fake ones or handled by liars who are ready to make up all sorts of lies to look good to the person they are trying to impress.

Half of them are either just scam willing to waste your time and the other half do not really put any thought into the future meetings, they only seek to impress. Women and men, both, tell lies but about different things that turn out to be trust-breaking in the future.

Low salary or more weight are not what disappoint people, it is the lying that turns them off. So potential liars are the first reason why online-dating can be a terrible experience.

  1. Sex Hunters:

Men, more than women, come to dates expecting sex the same night. In fact, that is all they come to the date for. It does not even matter if your online dating profile is in the ‘looking for something serious’ category, they will hit you and up and bluntly ask you to come in for coffee at their place, because you did not clearly write on your profile ‘no sex on first dates’?! - Continue reading on next page