6 reasons Why Our Generation is Giving up on Love

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Why is our generation giving up on love?

Do you ever feel like the older you get, the less you start believing in love? All those romantic movies, all those sappy songs, all those love stories, have they started to feel meaningless to you? Did you notice how you stopped fantasizing about finding your one true love and how you just live life now to find someone you could settle with?

Because, love? It just feels like an ancient concept now. It just sounds like something that was made for the movies and not real life, something that probably never really existed. If you’re confused about what brought this subtle change in your thinking, about how you came to be so indifferent and so unromantic, and about what actually made you give up on love, then here are 6 reasons to clear your confusions:

  1. Speed Dating

You try to set up a date with every prospective partner, judging them critically on every single thing they do, without even giving them proper time to reveal their true selves. You didn’t have much fun on that first date? Let’s just move on to the next person.

You jump from person to person, just trying to find your one true love, just trying to find that spark everyone keeps talking about. And every failed date makes you more hopeless. It makes you lose faith. When you date someone just for the sake of dating and not because you had any sort of initial interest in them, there’s very little chance that they’ll end up being ‘the one’. 

  1. Your ego has taken over

Ego, attitude, arrogance, superiority complex-whatever you want to call it! Our generation is filled with a ton of it. Everything you do and everything you say revolves around status, money, power, fame, and physical beauty. Whether it’s a competition of how many followers you have on twitter or how many likes you got on that amazing new selfie, our conversations keep on getting shallower by the day. And from all these conversations arise insecurities and jealousies, even from the people we actually love and care about. If we spend so much time obsessing over our own selves, what time will we have to actually find true love and to actually make someone else the center of our attention?

  1. Lack of self-respect

We sleep around to fill the lonely gaps in our heart. We post half-naked pictures on social media just to get a little bit more attention. We pretend to be people we’re not, people that we believe would be more accepted by the society. These are all examples of disrespecting your own self.

One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to share your mind, body and soul with someone special, someone who truly deserves it but sadly, we’ve managed to suck the beauty right out of that one experience. We’re up for one-night stands. We’re ready to be in relationships where there’s no respect. We’re okay with settling for just one great moment rather than aspiring to make it one great lifetime together.