6 Romantic Ways To Make Your Partner Smile Again After A Fight

Misty Renee Posted 4 months ago
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I just hug her really tight and don't let go until she forgives me and smiles again!

When you’re only watching from afar, the main purpose of having a relationship in your life is just to have someone you can love, someone you can laugh with, someone you can share all your life stories with, and someone who can support you when you are down. But one part that no one ever prepared us for are the fights, the days when you can’t even seem to look at the other person, the moments where you can’t help but scream or shout, the arguments that seem to have no end, and the compromises that you eventually have to reach. Even the most perfect couples, the ones who seem so happy in all their Instagram posts, the ones who can’t stop declaring their love for each other in private or in public, and the ones who seem to care about nothing in the world other than their partners, end up experiencing a great deal of fights and arguments.

Because when you love someone with all your heart, you feel comfortable enough to show them your true side. You don’t shy away from voicing your opinions in front of them, from telling them how mad you feel about the thing they did, from disagreeing with something they have to say, and from revealing your true and raw emotions which obviously includes anger at times. After all, it’s highly unlikely for you to start fighting unnecessarily with someone you don’t even know that well, right? But the good thing about these fights is that when the anger dies down, when you realize how silly the fight was, and when you start missing your partner again, you make up to each other in the most amazing ways. You begin to understand each other better. And you start to love each other even more. Here are 6 romantic ways in which you can make your partner smile again after a fight:

  1. Go hug them

One of the best forms of showing your love and affection is a good old hug. No matter how bad the fight was, no matter how angry you made them, and no matter how scared you are, just go hug them tightly and don’t let go! I assure you that all their anger and frustration will get blown away in a minute.

  1. Place your ego aside and text them a loving note

If you truly love your partner, you won’t have any trouble in placing your ego aside for their happiness. Calm down. Think about all the reasons why you love them instead of thinking of all the reasons why you were angry. Let go of your ego. Then send them a sweet and loving message. Stop waiting for them to text you first. It doesn’t matter who takes the first step. What matters is that you value the relationship more than your pride.

  1. Go through all your old pictures together

When we’re having a fight or an argument with someone, it’s easy to get caught up in focusing on all their negative qualities and all the bad times you might have gone through. Don’t fall into that trap. Your partner is not the villain of your life and you have plenty of pictures to prove that. Go through all your pictures to get a reminder of all the beautiful memories you have shared together. And while you’re at it, show one or two of your favorites to your partner as well.- Continue reading on the next page