6 shocking signs you have an emotionally abusive partner

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Emotional abuse can be hard to perceive. It enters your relationship very subtly, in a way that you’re not even able to question properly. You might just shrug it off thinking that it’s nothing too serious, thinking that it’ll just pass off, and thinking that this horrible feeling you always have is probably just your own problem and not your partner’s. You feel so unsure all the time, unsure of your own feelings and even more unsure of this person standing beside you. And when you finally realize that all these things you’ve been thinking and all these horrible feeling you’ve had were actually a result of emotional abuse from your partner, it might just be too late. You might just be too involved to even get out.

So look out for these 6 signs of having an emotionally abusive partner. And break free before it’s too late!

  1. Their reactions to extremely normal situations have started to terrify you

In my last relationship, there were a lot of things that my ex didn’t approve of. Whether it was talking to friends he didn’t like or going to places where he couldn’t supervise my every move, I always felt like I had to be extremely careful in everything I did because I just couldn’t afford to upset him in any way. So I was at a party once and I ran into a guy who used to like me a long time back. We talked casually for a few minutes and there was nothing sexual or romantic about it. He was actually there with his own girlfriend. But all I kept thinking in the few minutes we talked was that if my ex ever found out about this, he would definitely freak out.

He would probably end up screaming and then accuse me of trying to cheat on him or something. And once he had cooled down, he would just apologize and say that he only did it out of love and possessiveness for me. If you feel like you’re being questioned on every single one of your actions and if you feel the need to hide stuff from your partner just to avoid his unreasonable anger, then there’s a good chance that your partner is being emotionally abusive. *Continue reading to next page*