6 signs it’s time to stop dating and start working on your own self

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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As you start to grow up, most people around you will try to impose on you the idea that your entire life’s happiness relies on just one single thing- finding the perfect partner. And amidst all the happy couples around you, the public displays of affection you see, and all those marriage updates on Facebook, you’ll start to believe that maybe everyone was right all along, that maybe all that’s left for you is to find someone and just settle down with them. And with the never ending expectation by people that you’ll find someone real soon, you start to look in all the wrong places and meet all the wrong people, without realizing that the only thing you really need is a little bit of self-love, a little bit of confidence and a little bit of faith in your own personality.

Here are 6 signs to know that it’s time to stop looking for someone else to love, and start making an effort to love your own self.

  1. You’ve made up a completely fake personality to present to any prospective partners

You feel like you should put up a show in front of every single person you meet. All those rejections and heartbreaks, which were actually a normal part of life, have made you too insecure about your own personality so you feel the need to create a fake one. And you’ve started doing this so occasionally now that you don’t even remember what the real ‘you’ was actually like!

  1. You can’t live without validation and attention from the opposite sex

If you’re all dressed up and you don’t get a compliment from that cute guy or girl in your class, you start getting obsessive thoughts about how unattractive you must be. When you’re in a group, you feel the need to be the center of every single person’s attention. You feel the need to be accepted, to be admired, to be loved for your looks as well as your personality and when these needs are not fulfilled, you end up being sad and disappointed for a long time.