6 Signs Showing You Are NOT Ready For A Relationship

EK Posted 2 years ago
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‘I want to be in a relationship’.

‘I have been waiting for so long to be in a relationship’’.

If any of these ideas are buzzing in your head, I would suggest you to give yourself a moment and ask yourself the real question;

‘Am I really ready to be in a relationship?’

There is a difference, and a hell of a difference. Wanting to be in a relationship with some or being actually ready for a relationship are two totally different things. There are many people who just jump into relationships without realising the demands and obligations attached with a relationship. By that time, many partners realise that they aren’t actually prepared for a real commitment, they find themselves already ‘fixed’ in a relationship’.

Relationships demand commitment, dedication and loyalty. We have some red flag signs that show that a person is not ready for a real relationship. If you find yourself with any of these signs then you might need to work upon yourself before going into a committed relationship.

6. You Are Too Possessive

Don’t act as if you own your partner. If you are too possessive in nature and your idea of being in a relationship is that you will own your partner's life, then you need to rethink. Over possessiveness can just lead to conflicts.