6 signs your partner is going to break up with you

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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You thought you were doing pretty great, didn’t you? You felt that this relationship was going to be the one that would actually last till the end. You were so sure that this person was the one! You really thought this was special, that this was different. You really thought they wouldn’t be like all the others. So when that person actually broke up with you, when that relationship along with all your hopes and dreams came crashing down, and when that one person you loved and trusted the most in the world just decided to tear your heart apart into tiny little pieces, then you might have ended up being a little shocked to say the least.

But no matter how much you deny it, no matter how much you drive yourself crazy trying to come up with reasons over why it all happened and no matter how shocking the whole situation feels at the moment, the fact of the matter still remains that breakups rarely happen so randomly and out of the blue. They rarely come without any warning signs whatsoever. And they are rarely so hard to predict. There are always signs, some subtle and some not so subtle ones, before it finally happens. So if you want to avoid all the shock and maybe even beat your partner to it, look out for these signs that your partner is probably going to break up with you soon:

1. Their behavior has changed

All of us go through tough times in life; the times when we don’t feel like ourselves anymore, the times when all human interaction feels forced and unnecessary, and the times when we get so disconnected even from the people we love most. But if someone’s behavior with you changes too drastically for an uncannily long period of time and without any obvious reason, then it is likely that the problem isn’t just their life.

Such a behavioral change can come in various forms that you might have never experienced with them before. They might become very passive-aggressive or they might reduce their communication or they might even start excluding you from all their plans. They don’t reply to your text messages or calls as quickly as they used to or they rarely show any kind of affection towards you, whether through technology or in person. Their responses to simple questions seem rude or agitated and their persona is just generally alienating towards you. You can’t even remember the last time they told you that they loved you. *Continue reading on next page*