6 Signs your boyfriend is taking you for granted

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Have you ever cared for someone so much that it physically hurt when they looked the other way and ignored you? Or love someone so deeply but had it all go to waste because they did not value it or considered giving you a chance? Or spend all your time and energy in making someone else’s life a bit better just to have it neglected? Or given away so much of yourself in a relationship that they took it all for granted, took all your pieces and just walked away with them, never to look back?

Life is not always fair to any of us – which is what makes it fair, as ironic as it is. You might find yourself being the one more involved in a relationship, all the while your boyfriend just keeps demanding more and more from you without contributing anything himself in the relationship, or giving you some credit and respect for doing all the things you do for him. That means he is not giving you the time and love you deserve and is taking you for granted instead.

Being with someone like that is toxic for you at more levels than you can imagine. It makes you think less and less of yourself and why wouldn’t it anyway? The one person who you value so much does not give you the respect and love you deserve. That will make you think you are not worthy of all those good things at all – from anyone.

You will keep investing your time and efforts for someone who could not care either way. It will not only tire you out, but more than that, it will rob you of the time you could have spent working on yourself, leading yourself to better places and experiences in your life. You only live once, all the time you spend on someone will not come back. So it becomes highly imperative in that case to make sure that the person you are giving your all to truly knows what he has and values it rather than using you and taking you for granted. The love you will be giving out to him might not come back to you full circle but that is not to say you should stay empty-handed altogether. He should show you at least some respect and care for your efforts.

Love is a two-way street. Respect is something that is very rare in this world. It takes a long time and effort to build it and seconds of negligence on the other person’s part to crumble it down to nothing. Even though love is that aspect of life which signifies different things to different people yet its basic ingredient is the same for everyone: realizing the worth of the one you love and giving them due respect.

We, as humans take everything for granted and only realize someone's worth when we lose them. There are wonderful human beings in this world who persevere and always try to find a reason to stay with people who do not actually deserve to be with them, but they never stop trying because they are built that way. They have been made to care too much and fight for the both of you. How can they run from what’s inside of them? Such goodness is all they know, and they deem it wrongful to stray from this path and disrespect or give up on those they love. They will keep giving all they have to their relationships no matter how the other person takes it.

These are the people who actually matter in the long run, the ones that actually makes a difference in others’ lives and what do we do? We leave them no option. We drag them to a dark alley where there is no such thing as love, respect, trust, honesty or effort and when they leave us, we realize the existence of a void which is hard to fill in our hearts. And then we regret what we had and lost without learning to appreciate it.

If you have someone in your life who takes your kindness and affection for granted, you need to sever all ties with them. They will not only stunt your individual growth but will also alleviate your self-esteem.

Here are some signs that your partner is taking you for granted:

  1. He doesn’t respect your opinion

Some people have an opinionated nature. They try to speak their mind about certain things, and that’s not wrong. However, when you share your views about some matter, instead of having a healthy discussion, he becomes angry and tries to be very bossy and dominant and stubborn in proving his point. He doesn’t care about what you think at all.

Whether it is things from everyday routine or more intricate matters of your relationship – when you bring them up, he just brushes them off like they do not matter. It is a sign he does not only lack respect for your opinion but also that he has no special in communicating with you.

Hearing someone out on things that matter to them, noticing the ones they mention with great insignificance and even the ones they leave out –it can really tell you a lot about that person. When your boyfriend is not taking interest in hearing you out, he is missing on a major portion of the relationship which would otherwise him to know you a lot better. - Continue reading on next page