6 signs you’re arguing with a psychopath

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Have you ever argued with a psychopath?

Contrary to popular belief, psychopaths don’t always enter our lives as serial killers, as psycho rapists or even as our worst enemies. They enter our lives, unsuspectingly. They fit themselves perfectly into any kind of situation. And they manipulate us to cause intentional harm without any feelings of guilt or responsibility. They have the ability to alter their identity in order to get exactly what they want, whether it’s sex, money, power or the most common: attention!

A psychopath’s manipulative behavior can fool you into perceiving them as innocent, fun, and charming individuals. But their true colors actually start to come out once they feel threatened or even slightly bored. They pull you into unreasonable arguments, the kind of arguments that you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll observe a certain pattern: They do something inappropriate or hurtful. An argument starts. And before you even understand what’s going on, you realize that you’re the one who’s defending yourself and not them. Look out for these 6 warning signs to understand that you’ve been arguing with a psychopath and it’s time to just leave:

1. They lie and come up with excuses

    No one in this world is perfect. We all make mistakes and we all mess things up at one point or the other. But what actually matters is how you deal with the mistakes you’ve made. While most people are ready to accept their mistakes and apologize, a psychopath will prefer to come up with some kind of excuse for all of their wrongdoings. You’ll find that they rarely fulfill their promises and even when they apologize for a certain action, it won’t mean that this action will be avoided in the future.

    You can’t even remember the number of their lies you’ve caught. Your disappointment in them has reached the point where you actually feel content if they do something even halfway nice for you. You’ve been conditioned to be thankful for average treatment. 

    2. Their attitude towards you is condescending and demeaning

      A psychopath will try their best to always have the upper hand and they’ll do this by unhinging you. When you’re having an argument, they’ll maintain an extremely calm and casual demeanor. You’ll feel like they’re actually mocking you with all their facial expressions and their condescending tone.

      You feel like you’re being provoked, like they’re checking to see how far they can push you. And when you finally give up, when you can’t contain the anger you feel, and when you finally give out an emotional reaction, they’ll respond by smirking, raising their eyebrows, acting disappointed or telling you to calm down.

      3. They use hypocrisy to get their way

        Psychopaths can be quite shameless when it comes to getting their way. When you’re in an argument with them, they’ll often label you with all the terrible qualities that they themselves possess. This isn’t just simple projection because projection is something that people do unknowingly.

        Psychopaths are well aware of the fact that they’re labeling you with their own faults and imperfections. They’re doing this to get a reaction out of you, to make you unbelievably angry, and to try and make you look ‘crazy’ in front of any onlookers that are around. - Continue reading on next page

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