6 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship In 2017

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Here's to happier and healthier love in 2017!

With the New Year coming up, you must have thought of new codes to follow and new promises to make to yourself and to the people around you. And if you haven’t, it is time you do. New years symbolize new beginnings and there is never a better time to start working on relationship than a new year. If you and your partner have been on a bumpy ride all 2016 and you really want to improve the way things are, we suggest you do these very simple things in 2017 to take hold of things. These are nothing but small efforts yet very effective gestures in terms of strengthening a mutual bond.

  1. Kill The Temptation To Check That Notification:

From January 1st 2017, prioritize your real-life personality over your online personality. Try to live more in the moment and worrying less about talking about it online. This behavior will inevitably have a positive effect on your love life as well. When we are too involved in our phones and talking to other people who have phones, we unknowingly neglect the people sitting right beside us. Now that ‘people’ can be your partner who may not say or complain about your ignorance towards him and the relationship but he will slowly pull away.

The emotional connection weakens that way and thus affects the bond. So from next year, try to kill that temptation to check the new notification and listen to what your partner is telling you. It is tried and tested; works every time.

  1. Praise On The Face:

One more habit you need to pick up is to tell your friends the good things about your partner whenever they are brought in conversation. There are problems in every relationship and one blames the other in personal, but doing so in public only brings embarrassment and builds negative energy around your partner. They may laugh along but it feels bad. Why take the risk and why not tell the world about the good things they do?

You will not only be realizing how important their small acts of kindness are but also, your partner will feel proud and love you for making them feel so. Letting the world see only the good side of your relationship and dealing with the bad side one-on-one is the key to a healthy relationship (unless of course the bad side keeps expanding).

  1. Workout Together:

It may not sound like a very practical plan since you can’t keep up with gym alone let alone going with your partner. But if you do, somehow, resolve to work on getting a healthy body, you might as well take your partner in on it too to kill two birds with one arrow.  Not only will you be motivating them to keep going but also strengthening the bond with them by spending more time with them. The gym-class will see you as the hot-shot two who look so very inseparable. That will fuel your will to work harder on the relationship. Besides every other advantage, you will get abs and that just makes it all worth it. - Continue reading on the next page