6 small ways a man makes his girlfriend feel ugly without saying a thing

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Okay, let’s face it- A lot of men (no matter how much they love you) can end up being completely ignorant of the way they make you feel at times. It’s not that they want to hurt you on purpose. It’s just that they don’t realize why or how some of the things they say are absolutely wrong and hurtful.

A common example of this is how a lot of men might believe that their wife is the most gorgeous woman alive, but there are a few common things they’ll do that will leave the woman they love feeling unattractive and unloved. I’m not writing this article to shame or criticize any men, but just to let them know of these actions that they should probably avoid:

  1. Failing to compliment your partner’s efforts

You are the one person on this planet whose opinion matters the most to her. She looks forward to hearing it and she actually values everything you have to say. It doesn’t matter what the world has to say about her but she needs to know how you think she’s beautiful in the times when she makes an effort and dresses up and even on the days when she stays in bed all day, with her pajamas and no makeup. If you don’t clearly let her know about how stunning she is to you, she’ll probably interpret this silence as disapproval. - Continue reading on next page