6 things men do but never accept

A Posted 2 years ago
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Well, we all have our own little secrets habits that we never accept partly because we are embarrassed and also because we are still in denial. But there are a few things you will always find common in men. It doesn’t matter if he is your father, brother, boyfriend or husband! These things are deep embedded in their genes. So here are those seven things I have finally learned about men after all these years. Also, small lessons through which you can use every habit of theirs to your advantage.


Men like to take things as they come. They will not become apprehensive about things in fact they will not even start thinking about the matter by the time when usually women are already losing their minds. That’s the thing about men, they like everything that’s more adventurous, that would be more thrilling so why do things beforehand or in time even.  When things start to get out of hands and they feel they’re barely going to make it, that’s when the do it. Last Minute! If asked, they would always say, “I’ve got this!”, “It’s all under control”. Once they’ve messed up, “ Wait! Wasn’t it supposed to be like this?”,” I meant for it to happen like that” Come on. We have all heard this from the men in our lives!
LESSON: If the deadline for something is 10 p.m , tell him it’s 9.45. I know that’s not fair but sometimes you’ve got to do this!


Bachelor: Room’s a mess, Don’t care!
Married: Darling, When did you last organise the wardrobe?

A room that could have easily be taken as a dumpster, once, needs to be spotless now! All men go through that phase when they are sleeping in and eating from a pizza box. But as soon as they are married they expect their houses to be the cleanest house on the street. They will notice even a speck of dirt on the dishes.  Those resistant stains on the shirt that just won’t go away…. Yep! That will bother him surely as they grow old. Not only that but anything that is not in its place will bother him UNLESS…. He, himself has kept it there. In that case he will come up with an excuse that will prove how he MEANT to keep it there.

LESSON: Don’t always make a big deal out of it when he messes up the room so when you do it he can’t really say anything. - Continue reading on next page