6 things NOT to do on Facebook in a relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Keep your private life private.

Like it or not, Facebook plays a major role in our daily lives and it also affects a lot of relationships in either a positive or a negative way. I've seen a lot of friends fight over mere things like status updates and photos. I've seen people fight over things that wouldn't have really made a difference ten years ago, but they do now because this is the world we live in and everything is online, every relationship has to be put on display, the fights and the good times are all showcased for everyone to see, things add up one after the other and in the end they cause a lot of problems and fights.

I use Facebook on a normal basis, I don't really put checkins but I do put pictures up with my girlfriend like the rest of my friends. Yes, sadly I too am a part of it and so is everyone else I know. But I do avoid a few things, a few things that do a lot of damage in the long run. This is going to be about the things you simply should not do on Facebook, especially when you're in a relationship. Let's begin:

6. Don't talk about your fights on Facebook

This is one of THE most damaging things you can do to your relationship. I've said this a million times in a lot of my articles that your fights are yours alone, the world doesn't need to know about them. Same goes for Facebook; if you're mad at your partner for some reason and you feel like venting it out somewhere, just simply call them up and tell them how they've hurt you.

Do NOT go put a status up on Facebook about how horrible you feel because of that person. Not only will the entire world seem insanely interested in what happened, no one will actually help but simply enjoy the fact that they're in a better place than you. I know because I've been there and I would never go back there again. People would remember that fight long after it is fixed and forgotten. - Continue reading on the next page