6 Things Only Gentlemen Will Look For in a Woman

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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The mainstream media has really corrupted our mindsets on what's attractive and what's not. Everything that we used to know has been replaced with materialistic things which have a price but no value. One thing we all stumble over is what the opposite sex finds attractive.

For a man, people think that it’s all about muscle and that perfect jawline where as many women would prefer many other things over this. Women on the other hand think that men prefer what's 'sexy' on the outside. True, some women do it for themselves too but when it comes to a strong relationship, there are many other things in play.

There are so many things women have misjudged on attracting men. This article gives you six things which will hopefully make you consider some legit attractive things.

1. Realness.

If you act fake in front of your date in order to get them to like you, then you have no idea what havoc you'll bring about. You pretended to be someone you're not for the sake of that one date but what if the guy actually started falling for the person you claimed to be. Can you blame him? He's unknowingly falling for your masquerade. What if there's a second date and another one after that and another and so on?

Are you just going to keep up with the act? The truth is that originality is highly appreciated in today's world. If you can be honest about who you are in a time where there’s no concept of such a thing, then you're bound to win over a few hearts. Maybe the specific guy you have a crush on isn't into the real you, that shouldn't bog you down. It should actually make you look for someone else who would be.

2. Confidence.

This doesn't mean that you have to continuously flip your hair back and forth, that's called arrogance and that's a whole different thing than being confident. Be someone with whom a person can enjoy talking to. Be vocal about everything but not too vocal to the point where it just seems stupid. A guy always likes it when a girl is willing to actually communicate with him rather than avoiding them.

3. Emotional maturity.

This is another one of those things which the mainstream media has destroyed for us. We think that a guy wants a girl who'll be cute and she’ll act childish. Most men find that to be unattractive.

Sure, emotional maturity isn't something that everyone possesses but it isn't something that people completely lack either. Instead of choosing the smarter option here, most women think that by acting half their age, they'll be more attractive. To be honest, that's just creepy.