6 Things People in Open Relationships Want You to Know

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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For many of us, the term 'open relationship' sounds like a fancy way of declaring that you openly cheat on your partner because we believe that a relationship needs to be monogamous in order for it to actually be considered as a relationship. The whole idea of a non-monogamous relationship sounds weird, to say the least, because outwardly, you see a happy couple who have been together for so long and perhaps are even married but the guy actually has a girlfriend(s) and the girl also has a boyfriend(s) and both of them know about it and oddly enough, are completely fine with it!

Open relationships have existed since the 1970's and seem to be increasing rapidly in the 21st century. In a recent survey by The Huffington Post, out of 1000 people, 13% admitted to being in an open relationship either at the moment or in the past and a further 14% admitted to wanting to try it out. Couples in open relationships think of it as 'monogam-ish' because they might not be limiting each other to one partner, sexually, but are actually, in some ways, committed to just one person. There are lots of things about open relationships which many of us can't comprehend and here are some common misconceptions that are resolved by the couples themselves:

1. There are rules.

Open relationships aren't as 'wild and free' as we might think. There are actually a set of rules both partners establish when they agree on being non-monogamous. These rules vary from couple to couple based on whatever they think is best.