6 things that can ruin a perfect relationship

A Posted 2 years ago
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Even the strongest relationships can be brought down within seconds if some things keep happening again and again. The strongest of lovers have their limits and they can only support one another to a certain level before the "spark" goes away. Here are six things that can ruin a perfect relationship.

6. Letting negative feelings boil up

A relationship that is completely devoid of any conflict is close to impossible. It’s only natural for negative feelings to arise when you are spending so much of your time with another individual. Keeping these feelings inside, and letting them simmer and boil just leads to even more resentment. Your partner is supposed to be someone you can open up to completely, someone you can talk to about anything and everything, so don’t hesitate to talk to them about any negative feelings that may arise and if you feel like they aren’t someone you can do that with then maybe you need to rethink and reevaluate your relationship. Also, be tactful about how you communicate the negative feelings to them.

They might be very understanding but being too blunt with them may lead to them being hurt. Try to have these conversations face to face with them, don’t talk to them about these things on text. An emoji can’t convey emotion as well as you can and your texts might come off as colder and more offhandish than you meant them to be. Another good idea would be to turn to your best friend and discuss how you can bring up those negative feelings with your partner.

It might even help you in opening up to your partner and get you warmed up for a talk with them. If you are in it for the long haul, then doubt will be something that will bug you from time to time, instead of hiding it from your partner, talk about it so that they can reassure you and vice versa. It is unbelievable how comforting a simple, ‘ Don’t worry, I’ll always be with you’ can be.

Always remember to talk about the negativities as soon as you feel them. Don't keep them in your head for too long or they'll keep developing into bigger issues that'll come out later and when they come out, you and your partner will have a bad time. So it's always better to keep an open level of communication and to never keep anything that's bothering you hidden from your partner. - Continue reading on next page