6 Things That Tell You That You Shouldn’t Give Up On Your Relationship

A Posted a year ago
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When things go really bad, it is always wise to remember that tough times don't stay forever. Stick by your partner's side and get through the bumpy road, you'll eventually come out smiling.

Relationships won’t always be perfect because human beings are just inherently imperfect. We’re all bound to screw something up at anything we try and relationships are not immune to our imperfections. Whenever you find yourself in a serious relationship with someone, it’s reasonable for you to expect that things won’t always go as smoothly as you like. Your relationship will have its high points and its low points. The key is in trying to weather the storm during troubling times and making sure that you still have a relationship that is worth keeping despite the bumps and bruises.

You always want to make sure that you’re maintaining a team effort when it comes to making your relationship work. It can be a lot of baggage for one person to handle alone. A lot of times, a relationship can leave you feeling suffocated and exhausted. Is it still even worth fighting for at this point? Shouldn’t relationships feel natural and organic? Why do you feel like you’re exerting so much work? Don’t worry. Relationships are always a lot of work, even for the best kinds of couples. An imperfect love is still love, and love is always worth fighting for.

Here are 6 things that tell you that you shouldn’t give up on your relationship:

1. You Have Minor Squabbles Every Now and Then

Disagreements are healthy in relationships. It helps you grow as individuals and it teaches you how to manage conflict constructively. It’s also a test of how well your relationship can recover from trials. If you find yourself still madly in love with each other despite having some arguments every now and then, then that means your love is mature enough to endure any differences you have between you. It’s also a good gauge for how the both of you can get over obstacles and hurdles in your relationship. If you can effectively manage the conflict that arises between the two of you, then it’s a good indicator for how well you can manage any trials together. - Continue reading on the next page