6 Things That You Should Always Be Able To Expect From Each Other In A Relationship

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If you can't expect these basic things, you're not really in a relationship.

Everyone knows that relationships are practically emotional rollercoasters. Things won’t always turn out the way that you expect. There will be loads of happy times; the moments that you live for. And there will be the bad times; the moments that make you appreciate the good times even more. To go along with that, a relationship is always give and take. The complexity of having two separate personalities share a life together can make for interesting social fireworks. You can never accurately predict how a relationship is going to turn out because of the sporadic nature of human beings in general.

There are just too many variables at play when it comes to determining the strength of a relationship. A lot of times, from the outside looking in, it’s virtually impossible to tell if a relationship is strong or not. Only the people involved in a relationship have a generally good idea of where they both stand romantically. But even then, it’s still a wonder. However, there are some signs that you can be on the lookout for. There are red flags for bad relationships; and there are good signals for healthy relationships. Here, we are going to highlight 6 things that every individual in good relationships can expect from each other.


A couple in a relationship should always be comfortable with the concept of shared time. Their own personal times are never completely of their own anymore. They always have to take their partner’s plans and schedules into consideration whenever planning something.

The best kinds of couples understand that this is an important aspect of relationships and they have no problem sharing their time at all. In fact, the best couples love spending as much time with each other as possible; but they also understand whenever their partner is in need of private and personal time.


Getting in a relationship with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have to be your partner’s mind reader. Remember that communication is always important for any relationship to grow and develop. With communication, you will also end up developing a sense of compassion and understanding for each other as you grow in love together. You know each other’s tendencies and you know how the other will react to particular situations.

It’s not really about mind-reading. It’s just a developed sense of compassion for each other. Sometimes, the most senior couples resort to mere non-verbal communication, and that would be enough for them to determine what the other is feeling. - Continue reading on the next page