6 Things To Remember When Your Heart is Breaking

A Posted 2 years ago
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It's weird to think that anything good can ever come out of an experience so devastatingly painful but actually, it does. Every heartbreak and every heartache teaches us more and more in life. Heartbreak is life’s most effective teacher that teaches the most shockingly realistic lessons.

Some of us learn at the first heartbreak and don’t fall for the things we had once fallen for but some of us keep on falling for the same thing again and again till we learn them. There is no easy way of going through a heartbreak and to be honest, heartbreaks aren’t meant to be easy. You are meant to feel sore all over. You are meant to feel like a thick potato is stuck in your throat when you try to talk about your partner. You are meant to feel like you weren’t valued. You are meant to feel unappreciated and at a loss of words to describe how hurt you are.

But know that every time your heart breaks open, it is just making space for a few lessons that you shall carry with you all your life to save you from the unpleasantness of another heartache. If you are going through a painful heartache maybe these lessons will help you understand and make most of what you are feeling.

1. Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Want

It’s the most realistic fact of life, unlike all those fairytales, where you meet the love of your life and you stay together for eternity. Life doesn’t happen like that. You might meet someone, you might love someone dearly but you might not be loved back and you know what, we have got to deal with it! But here is another fact about life.