6 things you should tell your partner everyday

A Posted 3 years ago
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Keeping a happy and healthy relationship isn't a walk in the park. There are things you need to say and do on a daily basis to keep the relationship intact. Check out this article on the things you should tell your partner every day.

6. I Want To Be With You

Words make a lot of things beautiful in a relationship, by being sweet with your partner and opening up to Them, you make them feel good about the decision they made. Even if you’ve been with them for years, Tell them you want to be with them, it makes them smile and reassures your love for them and makes them Know you’re in it for the long run.

5. I Love You

The three magical words. Make it a daily habit to tell your partner you love them, don’t think just because they Know it already you shouldn’t say it, say it everyday. It makes them happy and lets them know you still have the Same strong feelings for them that you did the first day of your relationship and you can still fight the world for Them and you’re always there for them. Say “I Love You”, because you do.

4. You Are Hot

Physical attraction isn’t the most important factor of any relationship but it’s up there and is necessary for Relationships to grow and become strong. When you tell your partner they’re hot, they feel good about Themselves, they feel confident and they feel amazing the whole day. Compliment them on the smallest Of things. Tell them they’re beautiful or handsome, tell them they smell great, tell them their smile is the Cutest, words can move mountains! - Continue reading on next page