6 things you shouldn't put up with

A Posted 2 years ago
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There are a few things that we should never put up with, whether that behaviour comes from a best friend, a boyfriend, a colleague or anyone else – even yourself. Love does really blind you and it becomes difficult to accept the fact that the love of our lives can also possess awful, sometimes dangerous qualities. How can one person seem so fantastic, yet have such horrible tendencies and habits only moments later?

Initially, the whole situation throws you into a denial and before your mind completely accepts the reality and takes action against it for your protection, it is often too late.

At that point, you only think of the ‘ifs’’ and ‘buts’, you then want to believe that this heartbreak was inevitable. Whereas, nothing is inevitable in a relationship. If a relationship is destined to break, it will start showing the signs. It is just a matter of believing and sticking to reality.

To help you out with these signs here are a few signs which a group of people told us who had been through all this.

1. When they try to change you

When you settle down with a person and become involved, you accept that person for who they are. You accept everything, and you don’t force them to change. Same should be the case with you. I don’t mean a relationship doesn’t demand change, it does and a lot of compromises need to be made in order to make that relationship work but the only way these changes become poisonous for the relationship is when they are only being made by one person and too often. You were made in a certain way, cherish it! Someday someone will come along who will love you for the way you really are. - Continue reading on the next page