6 things you want in a man that you shouldn’t even have to ask for

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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In the few relationships I’ve had in my life, I felt like I was always the captain.

And as the captain, I was forced to choose the things we would do and the places we would visit. I planned. I delegated. And I initiated most things.

I planned our dates. I booked tickets for our vacations. I brought up unresolved issues. And I did the grocery. I basically did everything. And it sometimes hurt me to think that my boyfriend never made an effort to help out.

I’ve learnt now that I don’t wish to be the only captain. I’d much rather share the wheel with someone.

I hope to find someone new- someone who has the will and courage to take charge, to travel, to voice his own opinions and to have his own set of aspirations and goals in life.

I want a guy who can hold things down, a lover who can help in keeping me grounded and can continue growing right next to me, a partner who can be my team mate first and then my one true soul mate, and a man who knows how to be both a gentleman and a freak.

And here’s how a man can do all of this:

1. He should be able to make plans.

It feels very disappointing when a guy asks us repeatedly about the plans without offering any ideas of his own.

Guys, we are not your assistants in life. We shouldn’t always be expected to craft dates or trips. It can be quite draining to research on the perfect vacation or craft out prospective plans.

A relationship is supposed to be a mix of give and take. So it would be nice if you could take the reins at times.

Guys, start with giving a little. Plan out something, anything at all! That one “Get ready, we’re going out tonight” text is bound to light up any girl’s face, even if you do end up taking her to the nearest Burger King joint. - Continue reading on next page