6 Things Your Girlfriend Won’t Tell You

EK Posted 2 years ago
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Do you really think that your girl has never lied to you? You could be wrong. Even the most sincere girlfriend hides many of her feelings and thoughts from her life partner. There are so many things that they think and dream about but never say.

Women have their deepest secrets that they won’t share with you –never ever. Their wild fantasies, hidden fears, past lovers, unshared longings, insecurities; these are some of the forbidden secrets of females that they won’t tell you.

Even if you men try hard, you can never dig down what lies in the deepest corner of her heart. You can never figure out what is going on inside her mind. So, you're better off not trying. It’s not that I am accusing women of betrayal and infidelity. They can be truly and sincerely in love with you, but at the same time, they won’t give you access to their secret chamber.

Here are six secrets that your girlfriend won’t let you know ever. 

1. They Like To Be Chased

Yes, it is a fact. Women like to be chased. They want their ‘man’ to chase her, willing to do everything to get her. Girls just love this feeling that they are that much important for a man.

It’s not that, girls just want to be chased and not caught, but they don’t want that feeling to go away, even after they are caught by their ‘right man’.

Women want men to woo them. They don’t want to get trapped by some insincere person. So, before quitting this chase game and before submitting themselves, they really want to make sure that the person has what it takes to be their ‘right guy’.