6 Warning Signs Of A Person You DON'T Need In Your Life

A Posted a year ago
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Through my own experiences, I have learned that you can really predict a person’s true nature by understanding the tell signs that you notice initially. More than seeing, you actually believe them because many a times we are so much in love that we consciously make excuses for actions and habits that don’t really make sense to us.

We often push ourselves in taking our partners to be perfect when in reality they clearly aren’t. It is of utmost importance that you differentiate between things that can be avoided and things that are really a huge red light and shouldn’t be avoided at any cost.

My past relationship, which I dragged for three good years, eventually broke off because of all those little habits and reactions/actions that were alarming in the future. I was taken for granted, I was abused, I was insulted and was being cheated on. I regret for not paying close attention to those times that tried to show me the true colours of my ex. If only I would have paid some heed, I wouldn’t have lost a lot of time on him and a lot of time recovering from what he had done to me.
So, here are a few signs that should help you see your partner in a new light. If you see these tell signs in your partner, be careful. Don’t straight away act on it but don’t completely disregard it either.

Save yourself the misery and try to be in a relationship where your partner has the least of these qualities.

1. When they judge

People are different from one another. No one should have the authority to pass a judgment over someone, especially, when it is involving you and your partner. If you feel that your partner is always messing with your head by always acting on the judgment he makes of what you tell them about yourself, get yourself out of the miserable position.

A true relationship when you can show your partner all your scars, all your demons and not feel like ‘Oh I shouldn’t have, what will they think of me?’.