6 Ways to be the best girlfriend he can ever have

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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There are so many misconceptions out there on what exactly it takes to be the perfect girlfriend. It isn’t about cooking his favorite meal or putting on your best look all the time or even mastering the art of some crazy sexual tricks- I’m not saying these things won’t help, but they won’t exactly be able to get to the heart of the matter either!

The one thing that will make all the difference in your relationship is to understand the way men think and the things they really need in a relationship.

The most important prerequisite to building a good relationship is to be your true and best self. One trap that many couples fall into is blaming each other for all the problems between them. Instead of looking at how each of them can help in making things better, they decide to place the blame on their partner for not doing the things right.

They start believing that if only their partner would change, and if only their partner would do certain things differently, then everything will start to get better.

It can never work that way, though. You can’t ever change a person into the version of them that suits you. The only thing you can do is to bring your best self forward. And once you start doing this, the other person will (in most cases) rise up and start matching your level.

Here are six ways of being the most amazing girlfriend he can ever have:

1. Always be Direct (Instead of being passive aggressive)

A lot of problems in a relationship come up as a result of the woman constantly expecting the man to meet all her wants and needs, and then resenting him when he doesn’t. And she will never directly ask for what she wants because he’s supposed to just ‘know’.

Sometimes, she might end up dropping hints to help out a little and then get even more annoyed when he is not able to pick up on them. The man will, in turn, get frustrated about the fact that nothing he does is ever good enough for her. And eventually, he will start to feel discouraged and will just stop trying, leaving the woman even more resentful.

What do you think is happening here? None of them actually have any bad intentions! The only problem is that they’re not successful in communicating properly, because men and women tend to have extremely different styles of communication. Men aren’t very good at picking up on subtleties and nuances like most women are. They need someone to spell things out for them in a very direct and clear manner.

If you feel mad at him, don’t start being passive aggressive until he finally asks what’s wrong- to which you’ll probably reply with “nothing”, and he’ll think that actually means nothing is wrong but you will continue simmering with rage because he’s supposed to know it actually means “something”!!! Just let him know what it is he did wrong. In most relationships, the problem isn’t really what you say. It’s just how you say it. - Continue reading on next page